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October 02, 2020 4 min read

Full Spectrum CBD 101

In one of our   recent blogs   we looked at the difference between CBD (from isolate) and Full Spectrum CBD. Within full spectrum CBD there is far more than just the one component, which is why it is deemed more powerful. Here we are going to look deeper into these components.

Before we delve into the science behind CBD it is worth noting the legality and rules surrounding this natural wonder. Since 2020, CBD products are now legal in the UK as long as they contain no more than 0% - 0.2% THC. THC is still very much illegal in the UK but CBD is non-psychoactive, which means that it will not change a person's mental state to create any sort of ‘high’.

CBD sales in the UK are regulated by the  ‘Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’,  this is the Government body that eventually creates medical licenses in order to be able to legally consult substances for medical benefit. Until this license is finalised, CBD oil and CBD products are in a grey area. They are legal to sell, purchase and use, but no one is legally able to claim medical benefit or consult you as to why or how you should use them.

That being said, let’s look into components of full spectrum cbd oil and see what we can discover 

CBD and Full Spectrum CBD both work in synergy in humans because we have an endocannabinoid system present within our physiology. This means we have naturally occurring receptors especially to receive and process cannabinoids, such as CBD. We will look at our Endocannabinoid System in more depth in a future blog. There are over 113 molecules within a CBD Full Spectrum Oil, some more researched than others, here are the top 5 and also a look into Terpenes.

The one we all know and love, Cannabidiol is the fascinating therapeutic molecule that we are most familiar with. Pre-licence studies have linked CBD use to various therapeutic actions such as:
- Analgesic (pain killing) - Anti-Inflammatory - Anti-emetic (anti-vomit) - Anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) - Appetite stimulant - Anti-proliferative (inhibits tumour cell growth) - Palliative benefits.

The next molecule in the Full Spectrum family is Cannabigerol, this is the third most common in the plant after THC and CBD. Pre-licence studies have linked CBG use to various therapeutic actions such as: - Analgesic - Anti-Inflammatory - Antiseptic - Appetite stimulant.

Introducing Cannabichromene, interestingly this molecule doesn’t react with the typical endocannabinoid receptors but instead, the TRP channels!   Transient   Receptor Potential channels  are embedded in each of your cells individual membranes and are activated by specific factors, such as body temperature or energy change. When activated, the TRP channels open, allowing vital regulating elemental ions such as sodium or magnesium to flow into the cell. Pre-licence studies have linked CBC to various therapeutic actions such as: - Antibacterial - Antifungal - Analgesic - Anti-Inflammatory - Anti-depressant.

No not the Christian Broadcast News channel nor the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN aka Cannabinol is the molecule that has been linked to inducing the feeling of sedation with a soporific effect, so says pre-licence studies. This particular molecule is much more potent when ingested rather than inhaled. Naturally this sedation effect is creating relaxation where there was tension, in order to induce sleepiness.

Our last of the most common molecules Cannabidivarin, this is the component that pre-licensed studies have shown works well as an anticonvulsant and therefore could potentially be used to be effective in disorders such as epilepsy.

Then we have Terpenes, another buzz word in the CBD world. Actually the Terpenes are what give the cannabis plant its unique smell! Terpenes are present all across the plant kingdom and have a range of therapeutic effects. Pre-licence studies have linked Terpenes to having these effects: - Analgesic - Anti-inflammatory - Muscle relaxant - Anxiolytic - Antidepressant - Adaptogenic.

Both linalool and limonene are terpenes you often find noted on various CBD products, they are noted to synergise very well with CBD oil. Adaptogens in their own right, linalool-rich CBD products are likely to have a more calming effect, and to provide pain relief, while limonene-rich CBD products are likely to be mood-elevating.

Pre-licensed studies looking into these effects per molecule are widely available on the internet in Academic study libraries such asUS National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health or in studies available from Harvard and Cambridge etc. Remember that CBD already has medicinal licensing in many parts of the World.

As far as it can be seen, after studying the World of CBD all of the molecules individually have effects that reduce symptoms and regulate the systems of the body. If symptoms are reduced the body has more energy to focus on these various systems tackling or managing the cause of the problem.

Together these molecules are said to create the ‘Entourage Effect’, which is commonly used to describe the healing effect that plant materials may have by working together rather than alone. When using a Full Spectrum CBD oil, you benefit from all of these molecules working in synergy to harmonise your body.

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